Iceland! Part 1

Finally did it! Went to Iceland this October 2017 and it was awesome!! I knocked out a few things off my Bucket list. (1) seeing the Icelandic Glaciers! (2) Hiking a mountain to see the most beautiful waterfall (and almost dying in the process totally worth it!). (3) Traveling with friends. We stayed in an Airbnb in Vik our first night. Our first day was a little rough our car rental didn’t work out so we had to switch to a different car. Our other car had a flat tire and the day was mostly trying to fix the flat (it cost us $200 US dollars! to change a tire by “a” tire I really mean 1 tire). As if that wasn’t bad enough one of our friends got sick and was not able to go with the rest of us to see the Glacier lagoon.Firstly, we went to see our first waterfall “Svartifoss”, we had to immediately hike up a mountain to see it but it was well worth it. This was my first hiking experience and I was dead tired by the end of it.Then we drove to go see the Glacier Lagoon which was a few miles away from this first waterfall. I was really not expecting to see this which it really shocked me and I was super excited to see.I am going to insert a really dorky picture of me, yes me Cuban/Miami girl born and raised in the sunny weather. I’ve never experienced such cold temperatures before in my 28 years of life. This was sincerely one of the best days in the whole trip.IMG_3655Our trip consisted of 3 AirBnb, it was better this way since we wanted to get a lot of things done and able to see a lot of places. I should also mention that it was 8 of us, so in this case a lot of the trip was split evenly among all of us. Our first Air Bnb was in Vik, it was a beautiful landscape and an even more beautiful view from our small cottage.IMG_3619       IMG_3620


Summer is ending.

Summer is ending.

What can I say…I've had the beginning of a shitty year and towards the middle it got a bit better but they it went back to shit again.. The only things I am looking forward to these days is going to Iceland, and going to seeing my brother in Maine.. I think that's it. I haven't looked forward to anything else in a while(insert depressing ass quote here). I used to look forward to a lot more things in the past.. it's going to sound weird but I actually used look forward to going back to school… it wasn't even that I had a lot of friends but I liked the feeling of new things.. where did that feeling go?



I will be taking a trip to Iceland on October for my Bday with my friends and boyfriend! I am so excited!!! I can't wait!

Today however I was searching for a luggage and as if the universe was speaking to me… not only did I find the luggage bag but it was way cheaper than I was expecting. I grabbed the pink beautiful luggage as I am checking all the zippers and everything I find Icelandic water bottle inside the bag! I continue to the register I then turn to see a neck pillow! I continue on but this is where it gets even freakier… I am waiting for a register to open up and the register number was 4!!!! Which is not only my favorite lucky number but it's the day I was born and it's the day I am leaving to Iceland. I am totally freaking out!

Well that is that but after I left the store I started thinking what do I hope to accomplish on this trip? I hope I get to create a closer bond to the people I am going with but also this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful adventure and even more to come. I hope to also learn about myself and really appreciate nature even more.

I don’t know..

You know the feeling you get when it’s almost 2 am and your mind wonders forever? At that moment you know that you’re not going to sleep anytime soon. All the troubled things go through my mind at this exact time every night for the past 4 to 5 weeks. Sure, I tried going to the doctor but it didn’t necessarily work. What am I stressing about? Well of course mostly family, relationship, financial situations, School and me. I am worried about me, how can I be so selfish? This path am in wasn’t what I had planned for myself. I don’t know how I got here. Everything was going great until I graduated from college and met my current relationship. I haven’t been able to keep a job. I’ve lost the closeness to my family and I’ve kind of lost myself in all this. I don’t know this person I have become. Failing to care about school or grades. I don’t know what it’s more important anymore. How will I find my path again? I just don’t know…

As I lay I am still awake

This is my first post ever in a blog site. I am laying next to the one I love tonight and for the past 3 years. I can say I am truly in love. It has been a long road and there has been a few bumps in the way but we have manage to get through them. Starting this blog was more for me to get my feelings out there. I have issues dealing with a few of my emotions and I think this is a way of helping me through this. I doubt anyone is going to read this but perhaps my stories will help others like me out there. Good night world!