I will be taking a trip to Iceland on October for my Bday with my friends and boyfriend! I am so excited!!! I can't wait!

Today however I was searching for a luggage and as if the universe was speaking to me… not only did I find the luggage bag but it was way cheaper than I was expecting. I grabbed the pink beautiful luggage as I am checking all the zippers and everything I find Icelandic water bottle inside the bag! I continue to the register I then turn to see a neck pillow! I continue on but this is where it gets even freakier… I am waiting for a register to open up and the register number was 4!!!! Which is not only my favorite lucky number but it's the day I was born and it's the day I am leaving to Iceland. I am totally freaking out!

Well that is that but after I left the store I started thinking what do I hope to accomplish on this trip? I hope I get to create a closer bond to the people I am going with but also this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful adventure and even more to come. I hope to also learn about myself and really appreciate nature even more.


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