On Friday night Zack and I were watching Guardians of the Galaxy and in that moment I realized that I really liked the name from one of the characters from the movie “Nebula“(I know really ridiculous). I was thinking of when I was younger watching Disney movies all day when it was a teacher planning day and how I loved the movie “Zenon girl of the 21st century”. I was always dreaming about how I wish I could live in space(I know I sound like such a dork, but I am). I also realized how one of the character’s name from the movie was Nebula and how cute was Raven Symone in that movie, she was adorable. I also asked Zack if he would be okay with naming our future child Nebula or something futuristic like that, and he said he really liked it as well! This just blew my mind how much alike we are( we’re both big space nerds). Finally, the third reason was  I remembered when Zack and I went to Cape Canaveral to visit our friend Marlee who was interning for NASA, we went to the Kennedy space center and we saw that short space documentary narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio(AKA IMAX HUBBLE 3D). It really blew my mind how we are just this tiny dust particle compared to the rest of the universe, and my favorite part was hearing Leo’s voice speaking the Nebula and how far into the universe we would be able to see with the HUBBLE telescope!

Zack and I meet in High School when we were both 15 or 16 I don’t really remember to be honest. He said I had a class with him that I just really don’t remember(I was on a lot of medications due to my “learning disability” the reason why I don’t remember most of my high school years). Well we meet in high school but did not start dating until a few years later. We both had ended really bad relationships with terrible people. I messaged him on Facebook on spring of 2010 and he actually responded! Here I am thinking he hated me all through high school because one time I tried to say “hi” and he just ignored me! But no he told me later he always had a crush on me but since at the time I was dating his friend he never approached me. Now it’s 7 years later and we are still together picking our fictional child’s name.


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